Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Top three reasons to not buy iPhone 6S and wait for iPhone 7

Apple is the most valuable brand in the world as per this report, and this is no surprise. The way this company has made its products so desireable to all of us is no child's play. We all love their hardware, be it an iPhone, a MacBook, an iPad and Apple Watch or an iPad.

They design each of their product in such a unique manner that many if us would choose their hardware over most advanced software available in the market. It has become a status symbol to own an Apple product. I personally love MacBooks and though I find Windows being more productive, I would still consider buying me a MacBooK just because of its attractive hardware and software. 

However, talking about iPhone in particular, there are few design and hardware issues that really bothers me since the launch of iPhone 6 which can still be found on the newly launched iPhone 6s as well. I personally dislike them and am waiting eagerly for them to vanish off so that I can make my next and long due upgrade to the newest and greatest from Apple. 
I can list up some of them below:

Reason 1.
Those antenna lines, whether you like them or not, they are just not needed. Apple could have just covered them with something of the same colour material. I don't know how other manufacturers are managing it. 

According to this patent application, Apple has developed a way to merge the colour of the antenna lines with the phone body, or simply making them invisible. Imagine how sexy will an iPhone in pure space grey colour will look.

Reason 2
That protruding camera, is one of the very next thing that I just cannot stand. After so long, why your camera had to be so protruding? After making such an awesome physical uni-shaped body for four consecutive years since the good old iPhone 4 till iPhone 5S (total 4 phones), why at now the camera had to protrude for two consecutive models (years). Its not cool Apple. It really leaves the lens to scratch, no matter how good care you take if you don't want to put in a cover, or you have to put as it's the only way to escape this.

Reason 3
These little technical improvements like fast charge and an OIS (optical image stabilization) camera, which most of the smartphones even from the mid budget segment are boasting, are still lacking in the flagship device from Apple. These two things are not too much to ask for and are now considered as a must in a flagship phone for which you are paying a fortune. 

I wish Apple fixes all these things in the newest generation Apple iPhone which will be technically the 10th iPhone the giant will make and to be named the iPhone 7.

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