Sunday, June 28, 2015

iOS 9 will finally have a powersaving mode, will save battery by optimizing performance

I cannot imagine living without my phone beside me, well at least I need to know that I can use it anytime I want even if I am not using it currently. Technology has made us a slave in a way, making us depend over it for everything we want, eat, love and even pray.
Well, it does depend on something at least, battery.
It concerns us all to have a phone with good battery backup that should last till the time we doze off in the bed, but we all encounter times when we just cannot make it.
After Windows Phone and Android, finally Apple has also considered this and they are going to introduce a new power saving mode in the new iteration of their popular mobile/tablet operating system, the iOS 9.

Apple has included a new feature battery-saving Low Power mode for the very first time. This works by shutting down all the background activity and reduce performance to get you as much as three extra hours before the your phone bids you final adios for the day.

Striving for more battery is a battle we all fight everyday, and I hope this new feature from Apple will be of a great relief for sure.

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